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Noteworthy posts
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Noteworthy posts

ICC/WICC numbers:

  • over 20 million weekly impressions

  • grew accounts by over 75% in first six months

  • dictated content strategy for entire 2022 Women's International Champions Cup 

    • recorded over 80 million impressions during tournament

  • recorded over 180 million impressions during 2022 FIFA World Cup coverage 

  • Instagram
Noteworthy posts


  • part of LaLiga North America talent roster 

  • produced/hosted a weekly show breaking down LaLiga matches

  • Oversaw content strategy for UFC-LaLiga partnership to cross-promote footballers and fighters​


X Games music video (produced, edited, shot) 

North Carolina vs Virginia game preview

ACC coaches reflect on September 11th, 2001

Florida State football midseason hype reel

NC State Football preseason hype edit.

Platforms ran on: TV 

Scottie Barnes has fun. Hype reels are always good... but what better way to show his personality than some throwbacks?Platforms ran on: TV

ACC 2020 athletics season recap, as told by Josh Pastner's voicemail

Platforms: TV, Twitter

After Mark Packer got COVID and was forced to miss two weeks of our show, I made a pick me up video to cheer him and our fans up as best I could

The College sports landscape is changing in front of our eyes. Let me use my marketing and photoshop skills to show everyone a fun way of understanding new NIL rules.

After Virginia won its second straight lacrosse national championship, I created a montage to highlight their thrilling victory.

Platforms ran on: TV, Twitter, Instagram

The Bobo Story is a documentary I created that was selected as a finalist for NESN Next Producer, a TV show that features filmmakers throughout New England. Among over 50 submissions, my project was selected as one of 12 finalists and finished fourth in the competition. 

Adam Wright suffered a devastating injury that took him away from his passion. I covered his journey back to the pitch, and he let me in on what was going through his head during the long, excruciating process.

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